Marcelo Abeal

He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he presently lives. He discovered his artistic calling when he was a small boy and performed in school plays. Thus, he studied professional acting. He developed an intense physical activity, standing out in several sports. He had his first job as a model in a photo session for a sport magazine (muscular routine). Then his career spanned and took part of many commercial films and still photo campaigns for prestigious brands with the best directors and photographers, either local or international. He also had an outstanding participation in several co-production feature films and then continued his career as a model in Europe. When he returned to Argentina he founded his own company: “Stunt Rubber Man” (risk stunt doubles). He also participated of the Assistant Director Seminary at S.I.C.A. (Argentine Cinematography Industry Union).

At present, he is the Director of “PlanetaMau”, his representative artistic agency.

“Steve McQueen, The Race of his Life”, Marcelo Abeal’s brand new book, reveals testimonies, comments and documents gathered by the author in exclusive interviews and a thorough research from different sources done over three years. However, this is not Abeal’s only publication. In 2007 he published “The Legend of Time Tunnel”, a tribute to Irwin Allen – creator and producer of the legendary series. The book is dedicated to all science fiction fans. Biography by Marcelo Abeal

Marcelo Abeal portrait, Marcelo Abeal

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