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Bill Holland, October 18, 2017

Indy Car racing has never truly recovered from the loss of Swede Savage. His talent behind the wheel and charisma were a combination rare in any sport. There is no one on the open wheel scene today with that kind of star quality…and there hasn’t been since 1973. Not putting down any of today’s drivers or those who have raced over the past 40+ years. There have been great champions in that time, but how many have what Swede Savage had? It’s a mighty short list.

John Romer, October 18, 2017

Swede Savage was an excellent driver but more importantly he was a very fine person. His ability and drive on the race track reminded me of Of Bill Vukovich or a young AJ Foyt or Parnelli Jones. But in the few minutes I had the pleasure to speak with him I found him to be a warm and loving person who was very optimistic and looking forward to the future. He loved life and more importantly he loved people. There was nothing fake about him as there is with many young drivers in his position. He was genuine and very real. He was grateful for the opportunities he had been blessed with in his short life. On that black day in 1973 the racing World not only lost a competitor, they lost a part of themselves that can never be replaced. He will never be forgotten.

David Owen, October 18, 2017

Swede Savage conjures different memories to different people but it is always positive. They often label stars as Kings of this or that. Elvis Presley, King of Rock … Steve McQueen, King of Cool … Mark Donahue, aptly Mr. Nice, but to me Swede Savage is the King of Positive. His positive magnetism attracted the best sponsors, team owners and mechanics and attracted every fan that ever had the privilege of watching him race. Born August 26, 1946 Swede first raced professionally in AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) motorcycle competition then he switched to auto racing. On November 21, 1970 Swede won the Phoenix 150 “Indianapolis Car” race. His unique legend of positive lives strong in the hearts of the fans and hopefully newer generations can learn about his unique place in Motorsports and American History.

Credit: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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